Founded in 2005 in San Pedro, the second port of Côte d’Ivoire, Afrigo specializes in the import of frozen food products, including fish and meat.

With over 25,000 m3 of cold storage, Afrigo is now the leader in its field in the Ivorian subregion with 20,000 MT processed fish and frozen meat.

By creating partnerships with major players in the frozen food, Afrigo has diversified its sources of supply and is offering its customers a full range in both fish and meat.

By leading a development policy, the company has diversified into different areas.

Thanks to possessing a special approval granted by Ivorian Customs, Afrigo offers partners the ability to store more than 10,000 tons of frozen products in the customs area in the port of San Pedro.

Our partners can also rely on us for the logging and the handling of their ships, and for refueling food and non food and hydrocarbons as well as for the removal of household waste and similar waste on ships.

  • frozen fish
  • frozen meat
  • storage of frozen products
  • consignment
  • handling
  • refueling / bunkering
  • garbage