A – Frozen Fish

Afrigo imports about 16,000 MT of frozen fish per year, mainly pelagic species (sardine, sardinella, horse mackerel and mackerel) intended for mass consumption.

The fish is caught in Mauritania, Morocco, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal by factory vessels that freezes and packages the fish into cartons. It is then shipped by freezer vessels directly to San Pedro and sold as is without any processing.

Pelagics (SARDINE, SARDINELLA, MACKEREL AND HORSE MACKEREL) marketed by Afrigo are packed in corrugated cartons of 20kg, 27kg and 30kg.

And also Miscellaneous Fish that are caught in Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Senegal, Morocco


Our offer is completed with fish imported by container: 

  1. Tilapia, Pangasius, caught in China, Thailand and Vietnam
  2. Yellow-tail (Amberjack) : from South Korea
  3. Herring : Northern Europe and Asia




The fish by container represents 2,000 MT / year

B – Frozen Meat

Our company imports about 2000 MT of frozen meat per year. The totality of these imports is delivered in refrigerated containers.

The various pork cuts comes from Europe while the beef comes from South America.

The main products are the kidneys, livers, hearts, lips, heads and feet for beef and sternums, tails, feet, backbones, loins, chops and heads for pork.

C – Ice blocks

With a daily production capacity of 596 bars of 20 kg including crushed ice, the ice produced by Afrigo is distributed seven days a week among bakeries across the city of San Pedro and the surrounding area for the production of bakery bread and for boatmen conducting traditional  fishing.