Afrigo has 50 sockets in the port of San Pedro for connecting refrigerated containers.



Possessing all the necessary permits and the right equipment, Afrigo performs the operations of  household waste and related waste removal for all maritime ports of call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through a partnership with the major shipping companies including MSC, competitive prices and a quality service, Afrigo is the leader in this field in the port of San Pedro.



Afrigo specializes in the supply and equipment of ships calling at the Port of San Pedro.

With all the necessary permissions, Afrigo performs the fueling operations with the utmost seriousness and quality partners that opens a wide range of products and accessories.

Enjoying a partnership with the biggest oil companies in the region, it supplies fuel and lubricants to meet your needs as quickly as possible.


Our role is to organize all your port of call to make it more pleasant and less expensive.

We take care of :

The monitoring of transported goods

The recovery of the goods ownership titles

The analysis of documents for import / export

The declaration to the customs services,

The distribution of port of call costs

The waste removal

The food and / or various products supply

The fuel and lubricants supply

The handling

A consignee team that is dynamic and passionate by the shipping activity is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Resolutely geared towards the future, Afrigo got all the appropriate permissions for the port handler activity.

Will follow the acquisition of our own substantial logistics including 2 MERCEDES tractors and 2 trays with a capacity of 64 tons.

4 forklifts of 3T each able to safely load and unload goods.

1 transport van that ensures the transportation of persons between our various sites.

Affiliated to the Union of Abidjan and San Pedro Ports handling Contractors (Syndicat  des Entrepreneurs de Manutention du Port dAbidjan et de San Pedro, SEMPA), it employs a vital and effective workforce for any handling operation of goods and logistics.


Afrigo has obtained a special license from the Customs of Côte d’Ivoire which gives us the possibility to store the goods in our cold storage in the port of San Pedro under customs, at 10m of the docks, thus avoiding the payment of all customs duties on landing of the goods.

This enables us on one hand to to make partial releases for consumption as required, of our imports, but above all, it enables us on the other hand to offer our partners the ability to store their goods in a customs area for a future re-export of their products by sea to other ports or by road to Mali or Burkina Faso.

The large capacity of our cold storage allows us to store up to 10,000 MT under customs.